Diploma in Event Management

Diploma in Event Management



COURSE FEE: classroom-based €1,295 (or €1,350 if paying the course fee in installments).


Welcome to City Colleges’ Diploma in Event Management.

Our Diploma (run over one evening a week for 14 weeks) aims to teach students the vital role that the events play in the world of business, the arts, the non-for-profit sector, and sports.

The course introduces students to the fundamentals of event management and gives them the practical skills and confidence to professionally organise an event from start to finish.


The objectives of this Diploma is to provide students with the necessary skills to work efficiently and successfully in the event management industry. On successful completion of the course, graduates will have a clear understanding of the elements that go into planning, designing, executing and managing an event from start to finish.

Through a combination of key topics, case studies and guest lectures, students will gain first-hand expertise and insight into organising successful and profitable events.

All lecturers have been specially selected for their wealth of experience and proven track record in the event management industry.



This programme is designed for those who aspire to a career as a professional event manager, and is ideal for professionals from all kinds of organisations who are faced with the challenges of organising events during the course of their work.

It is also geared toward those currently working in event management industry (or who have had a flavor of event management) and want to take it further as a career. We will focus on all the elements in event planning, management, budgeting, control, creativity, presentation skills, human resources management, team building and health and safety. We will also focus on sponsorship, conferences, exhibitions, corporate, charity, award ceremonies, sustainability in events and post production evaluation.

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