Diploma in Irish History

Diploma in Irish History


Duration: 10 lectures

Course fee: €895 (or €995 if paying the course fee in instalments)


The Diploma in Irish History is delivered by Dr Myles Dungan,  one of Ireland’s best-known and most respected broadcasters.

‘As we begin a series of centenaries marking Ireland’s exit from the union with Britain, it is probably a good time to ask ourselves what it was we were so keen to leave back in 1922. This course looks at how Ireland found itself being governed directly by its nearest neighbour against the wishes of much of its population. It will trace the uneasy bond between Ireland and England through the fight for Catholic Emancipation, the horrors of the Great Famine, the dispossession of the landlords, the struggle for Home Rule and, eventually, the use of military force as an emphatic way of uncoupling an unequal relationship.’ – Dr Myles Dungan

What can you expect from this course?  Choose from among the following.  Homicide.  Adultery.  Mass murder.  Betrayal. Bankruptcy and ruin (mostly of the 19th century variety).  Inflated egos.  Some self-sacrifice and nobility but lots of corruption, deceit, incompetence, and a fair quota of violence as well.  Ireland under the Union wasn’t really a whole lot different from Ireland today.

You should also get a sense of who we are as a people, and why we are the way we are. We’ll be looking at Ireland from the perspective of the farmer, the shopkeeper, the housewife, the bailiff, the suffragette, as well as the politician and the policeman. From the bottom up as well as the top down.  You will get as many opportunities as you need to stop the train, get off, and take a look around. You will be encouraged to inquire ‘what if?’ and then answer your own question. Studying our history is important and it’s useful. But above all it must be fun.

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