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City Colleges represent a new approach to third-level professional education and examination preparation. Many of Ireland’s leading lecturers have come together to offer students a different kind of educational experience, one where the learner’s needs are paramount, and his or her expectations are constantly surpassed.

Face-to-face programmes are delivered from City Colleges’ campus on South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2. These programmes are also available online to students nationwide and around the globe.


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Kathryn Ruszel
Former Student

The course provided positive insights into current thinking across a wide range of topics in Counselling. The lectures were stimulating and provided clear explanations on complex issues and their discussions explored current Psychological thinking.  The lecturer was excellent at stimulating debates, organising workshops and encouraged us to analyse problem situations and possible solutions. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this Diploma Course to anyone interested in this field of study.

Mark Meehan
Diploma in Digital Marketing for Business

The Diploma in Digital Marketing for Business course brought me right up to date on best practice in the digital marketing industry. The course is very practical, with each session and exercise expertly tailored towards the goal of applying digital marketing to our own ventures. This real-world applicability has already brought me success. The skills I’ve learned have enabled me to secure an internship providing social media services for a leading international provider of anti-virus software. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to pursue in a career in any field, particularly those seeking to get involved in marketing and social media for businesses.

Patrick Noctor
Former FE1 Student

Without City Colleges and your fantastic staff I wouldn’t have made it through my FE1’s; – especially taking them all at once.

Sinead Nolan
Former Student

John’s delivery of the lectures was both easy to understand and follow. His extensive knowledge makes the course very comprehensive and I feel greatly benefited from taking part.

Kamila Wawrzyniak Conboy

I would definitely recommend City Colleges for ACCA. The exam technique provided allowed me to approach the exam answers effectively and efficiently.

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11 Jul 2022

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16 Jun 2022

Anger. Control it before it controls you.

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