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4 key arguments for using social media

1. To get noticed. It’s all right if you want to stay unknown, if you want to stick to the old ways, but if you want to get noticed these days social media is a great way to do it. Getting noticed is important for all types of people. In the past it was ok to hide away...

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3 big social media mistakes many businesses are making

The social media industry is as new as the automobile industry was a hundred years ago. We don’t have rules of the social-media road, a social-media tax or rear view social-media mirrors, yet. But there’s lots of new things coming, which will surprise and delight and frustrate us in equal measure. While we wait for them, here...

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Blogging for Business – 7 ways to get it right

Creating blog posts, whether it be for your own blog, a group blog, a LinkedIn post, a Facebook post or a community blog, is one of the key social tasks in the new online world most businesses now live in. But what do we need to do to get it right? The first thing to...

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