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Creating blog posts, whether it be for your own blog, a group blog, a LinkedIn post, a Facebook post or a community blog, is one of the key social tasks in the new online world most businesses now live in.

But what do we need to do to get it right?

The first thing to consider is your audience. Are they consumers? Are they business owners? Are they IT specialists? Below are seven types of post you can use for clients and stakeholders of all types:

1. The first type of post, or series of posts, is to provide something useful. This is the basis for many blogs. Something useful can include: guides, FAQs lists, teach-what-you-do posts, illustrations of your product/service in action, case studies and product manual excerpts.

2. A second type of post, or series of posts, is anything to do with corporate social responsibility. Do you sponsor a charity, help a sports club, run an event for ex-employees? All of these can be featured in posts.

3. A third type of post is a free to enter contest. The prize may be small, but everyone likes to win and if you don’t charge for entry it’s not a lottery. You can use something like to pick a winner from everyone who comments and shares your post, for instance. Most blogs number each comment you get.

4. A fourth type of post is brand news. News about new products, launches and updates can all be posts.

5. A fifth is about job opportunities.

6. A sixth is about special promotional offers exclusive for the readers or not.

7. And finally, a seventh are simply ads for your business. I suggest keeping these to 10-20% of your posts at a maximum.

If you mix these post types and establish a cycle of posts, new product news every month, job postings every two months, a guide to an aspect of your service every two weeks, you will build an easy to manage schedule. I hope this helps with your blog and general content planning. If you need any advice on making this work please email me:

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