Course Details

Full Course Name:
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Studies

Course Dates

Next Course Commencing:
Autumn 2020 - Subject to QQI Validation
3 Years

Course Award

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Studies
Level 8

Course Fee

EU citizen/Irish resident:
Per Annum: €4,300
Per Annum: €6,300

Programme Details

The BA (Hons) in Business Studies is designed with a focus on those who are working in business contexts, or who wish to in the future.

The programme aims to equip business professionals with relevant tools to navigate the evolving business landscape in Ireland, and instil critical perspectives enabling learners to implement the most effective and efficient responses to business challenges, while being able to think critically about their roles as professionals within these working contexts.

At every award level a combination of core business competencies and professional development modules are offered to equip the learner for roles they may take up in the sector:

Stage 1:- Introduces the learner to the essential requirements to complete the programme for example: Mathematics/Statistics, IT Essentials, Academic Skills/Learning to Learn. Stage One also introduces the learner to the concept of ‘Organisational Behaviour’ which sets the tone for the remainder of the programmes and the remaining modules. 

Stage 2:– Builds on Stage 1 by introducing the more focused disciplines within the business environment for example Management, HRM, Digital Marketing, Information Systems and specialist areas within accounting for example Management Accounting, Financial Reporting and Taxation.

Award Year:- The Award Year allows the learner choose between two streams: an accounting stream or an entrepreneurial stream. The accounting stream provides learners with essential accounting modules for example: Financial Management and Auditing. Accounting focused modules have been included for those learners wishing to pursue a career in the accounting discipline and/or wishing to continue and obtain maximum exemptions from one of the Accounting bodies. The entrepreneurial stream is for those learners who wish to pursue a career within general business. This stream develops the learner’s analytical ability and creativity by focusing on entrepreneurship and the design and innovation of business enterprise.

On completion of this award, students are eligible to apply to progress onto a Higher Diploma, Masters, or PhD programme.

Programme Aims and Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Studies aims to afford the learner a structured general education in subjects across various business disciplines and includes an opportunity to choose either the accounting or entrepreneurship stream in the award year. The chosen modules provide a solid foundation, prepares them for a career within the accounts department and/or progress further with one of the professional accounting bodies to qualify as an accountant. Or, having chosen the entrepreneurship stream prepares them for a career within business. The programme sets the foundation for progression to study at postgraduate level within a specific field of accounting or business. 

More specifically, the programme aims to provide the learner with the knowledge, skills and competence to:

  1. Apply financial models, concepts and techniques to support effective business decision making;
  2. Successfully gain employment within the accounts department of an organisation and contribute to the effective day to day management of the accounting function;
  3. Gain employment in the general business area as a trainee manager/supervisor;
  4. Gain maximum exemptions from the professional accountancy bodies;
  5. Further their education at Level 9 in accounting, general business or a related discipline (in Ireland or abroad) or register with one of the professional accounting bodies; The objectives of the programme are to:
  6. Support learners to develop the social and communications skills necessary to develop a career in business;
  7. Develop the learner’s ability to investigate, critique, evaluate and analyse the theories, concepts, techniques and models to identify and implement solutions to business related problems;
  8. Enhance the learner’s knowledge of the interrelationships and inter dependences of the various business functions;
  9. Provide learners with an environment that encourages and supports education at honours degree level;
  10. Provide learners with the opportunity to progress to further education at Level 9 or seek exemptions from the professional accounting bodies;
  11. Broaden the learner’s knowledge of business to include international markets for business growth;
  12. Provide learners with an environment that develops and supports time management, reflection, learning to learn skills that are necessary in business.