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Study in a classroom environment one evening a week.

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  • 10 Weeks, 1 evening per week
  • Starts January 2023
  • 6.30 to 9.30pm

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Live Online

Live online training with real-time instructor-student interaction.

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  • 10 Weeks, 1 evening per week
  • Starts January 2023
  • 6.30 to 9.30pm

Price from €895

(Instalment Price: €995)

Our Diploma in Finance will teach you how to make well-reasoned financial decisions and meet financial matters head-on.

Students can take this course in the classroom and receive a QQI Level 6 Finance Award or take this course online and receive a Diploma in Finance in the Workplace from City Colleges.

The City Colleges Diploma in Finance seeks to introduce participants to the world of money and its interactions in everyday life. The course aims to provide participants with the information required to make well-reasoned financial decisions and meet their financial matters head-on. In a clear and simplified manner, the lecturers will be delivered with the aim of ensuring each participant is equipped with knowledge of “how money works”. The City Colleges Diploma in Finance seeks to remove the frightening and confusing elements of understanding about their finances. The aim is to provide participants with a solid basis in finance and to develop this by informing participants about financial difficulties facing most people in contemporary society to include methods for dealing with the consequences of financial decisions and provide long-term solutions.

The Diploma in Finance will take place one evening per week for three hours over 10 weeks in our city-centre location on South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2. Each course comprises of 30 contact hours. The course is also available online.

The Diploma in Finance focuses on the following areas;

1. Investigate the external environment and regulatory framework with regard to financial reporting within which organisations operate and the types of financial statements organisations are required to produce

2. Analyse financial statements in the context of nonfinancial to include a rationale for conclusions drawn

3. Evaluate a range of financial statements using ratio analysis drawing appropriate conclusions

4. Evaluate the role and value of budgeting to include the different types of budgets appropriate for use within different contexts

5. Interpret budgeting data and cash flow projections to establish a rationale for planning and decision-making purposes

6. Utilise marginal and absorption costing statements to include an analysis of their application in making key management decisions, and a schedule of the differences between both methods

7. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of cost classification to include the differences between the different cost behaviors as they react to changes in activity levels

8. Price products and services to include an analysis of margin and mark up and the importance of the time value of money

9. Apply Cost Volume Profit analysis to include the calculation, illustration, and interpretation of the breakeven point, margin of safety, and contribution per unit for an organisation

10. Assess different methods of investment appraisal to include a determination of whether or not investments should proceed

11. Calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)s

12. Assess the difference between cash flow and profit and the relevance of cash flow to capital investment appraisal

13. Schedule the uses and sources of short-term, medium-term, and long-term funding with reference to financial credit facilities, Return on Investment (ROI), and legal requirements.

This programme is designed for participants from all walks of life who wish to develop their understanding of money. It is a conversion programme for the City Colleges Diploma in Economics? Insolvency Law? Finance for Non-Financial Practitioners. No previous knowledge of finance is required.

The City Colleges Diploma in Finance is aimed at those seeking a greater understanding as to how to manage their personal finances and personal debt; to facilitate individuals who wish to pursue a career in the financial sector; to enable those wishing to set up a business to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the challenge.

A pass grade on the written assignment will be required for awarding the Diploma in Finance.

Classroom – QQI Level 6 in Finance

Examination – Theory 60%

Assignment 40%

Online – Diploma in Finance

A Written Assignment of 2,500 words.

Classroom: QQI Level 6 Finance Award

Online: City Colleges Diploma in Finance

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