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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is currently identified as the science and set of methodologies which are related to the application of the principles of behaviourism to real world setting(s) with the aim(s) of improving socially significant behaviour.

Furthermore, ABA courses involve the systematic analysis of behaviour to reveal behavioural functions which in turn may be used to inform and/or formulate intervention strategies that are evidence based. ABA courses have potential applications across a wide spectrum of areas and sectors in today’s society and culture stretching from business to healthcare.

Consequently, this course has potential applications across a wide spectrum of areas and sectors in today’s society and culture stretching from business to healthcare.

Contemporary professional contexts and the recognition of the role and contribution which ABA offers focus on the primary area in which ABA has been most successful. This is recognised specifically in the work associated with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) in which ABA has had significant success.

This course is therefore aimed at providing students/learners with a clear critical, analytic, and evaluative understanding and solid foundation of contemporary knowledge in behavioural theory and practice and the principles underpinning the subject area.

CPD Credits
14 CPD credits for members of the Psychological Society of Ireland

The aims of the Applied Behavioural Analysis course is to:

  • Provide students with a critical foundation in, and comprehension and understanding of, the principles; theories; contexts; ethical contexts; exemplars, and practical applications of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
  • Enable students to critically identify, describe, model, and design options for the application of behavioural interventions to both decrease and increase behaviour as necessary.
  • Support students in developing their abilities to identify, analyse, evaluate, describe and determine the function of a “challenging behaviour” and its contexts.
  • Provide students with a clear body of relevant current knowledge; terminology; information; academic and practical sources; clarity in the use of communication; and examples of evidence, in order that they may develop their skills, and their use and application of these as they relate to ABA activities and practices.
  • Train students to enable them to attain a level of competency in order for them to be able
    (i) carry out simple skills and teaching procedures used within Applied Behaviour Analysis;
    (ii) identify and describe potential behavioural functions;
    (iii) operate within the professional sphere as “ABA tutors” who are able to work under the supervision of a senior behavioural analyst.

Definitions, Characteristics and Basic Principles

  • Origins of ABA
  • Basic principles

Selection, Defining and Measuring Behaviour

  • Selecting socially significant behaviour
  • Measurement systems

Behavioural Assessment

  • Functional behaviour assessment (FBA)
  • Descriptive assessment
  • Functional analysis

Behavioural Intervention, Measurement and Evaluation

  • Discrete trial training
  • Natural environment teaching
  • Functional communication training (FCT)
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Behavioural technologies
  • Displaying data
  • Interpreting data

* Topics are subjects to change without notice

A pass grade on the written assignment will be required for awarding the Diploma.

A written assignment of 2,500 is the assessment requirement for this diploma.

The assignment/project must be handed in on the due date unless a sound reason for lateness is provided. In such instances, an extension may be awarded at the discretion of the lecturer.

Sarah Keane

Sarah graduated with a M.Sc. in Applied Behaviour Analysis from Bangor University, Wales in 2013.

After this, she specialised in applying the science to supporting children with unique learning needs- helping them to achieve goals and develop skills which are meaningful to them.

She obtained her Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) qualification in 2018.
She has worked in homes, schools and centres in Ireland, London and Dubai. These experiences have afforded her varied opportunities to develop her practical, analytic and supervision skills.

Sarah currently runs a private practice in Co. Mayo, and works directly with her clients, their families and those in their support networks. She has particular interests in Early Intervention, teaching Verbal Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Support

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