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Diploma in Aviation Leasing and Finance

Course Dates

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30th April 2020
10 weeks, 1 evening per week from 6.30 to 9.30pm

Course Award

City Colleges Diploma
Not Applicable

Course Fee

€995 (€1,095 if paying in instalments)
€895 (€995 if paying in instalments)
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Course Overview

This course is designed for aviation and legal professionals with an interest in aviation leasing and finance. The course provides a detailed overview of the International aviation leasing landscape. In this rapidly developing area of law, this diploma analyses the core international regulatory provisions of aviation leasing.

Course Duration

A pass grade on the written assignment will be required for awarding of the Diploma. A fail grade will result in a Certificate of Attendance for the course but without the Diploma being awarded.

Students must attend at least 80% of classes to graduate with either the Diploma or Certificate of Attendance unless a serious and verifiable reason for further absence is provided. If completing the course online, attendance and participation is tracked through Moodle.

The course is run over 10 weeks comprising of three hour lectures (total 30 hours).

Course Content

Week 1 Overview of Aviation leasing and finance and key trends

  • Introduction to the Diploma
  • What is aviation leasing?
  • What is aviation finance?
  • Overview of the aviation industry domestically and internationally
  • The Irish perspective
  • History of aviation leasing
  • The 1919 Paris Convention
  • The rights of states in foreign airspace

Week 2 Overview of an aircraft operating lease agreement

  • Introduction to Contract law
  • Examination of  Credit and security
  • Examination of essential provisions in an aircraft lease
  • Overview of a legal lease
  • Bespoke provisions
  • Special characteristics of aviation leases
  • Security interests in aviation financing

Week 3 Corporate Airline Finance

  • Introduction to aircraft financing and investment
  • Investment stakeholders
  • Introduction of aircraft asset management
  • Core focuses of a modern airline
  • Financing aircraft
  • Valuing aircraft

Week 4 Irish and International regulatory framework

  • Key Irish trends
  • The key Irish players in aviation leasing
  • Irish Aviation Authority
  • Overview of the Cape Town Convention
  • The International Registry
  • Aircraft Protocol
  • Chicago Convention 1944
  • The five freedoms
  • Transit agreement

Week 5 Fleet planning for aircrafts

  • Overview of the specialist skill requirements
  • Industry overview
  • Aircraft product and performance capabilities
  • Key decision criteria for aircraft planning
  • Fleet selection process
  • Market evaluation
  • Aircraft performance
  • Performance weights
  • Aircraft economics

Week 6 Engine leasing and maintenance

  • Overview of the engine leasing market
  • Sourcing Engines
  • Engine leases
  • Bespoke clauses
  • Reposessions
  • Title annexation

Week 7 Mechanical and technical aircraft records

  • Record management
  • Industry standards
  • Maintenance records
  • Technical log system
  • reposessions

Week 8 Aviation insurance

  • Introduction to insurance law
  • Key insurance principles
  • Airline insurances
  • Categories of coverage
  • Insurance provisions in an aircraft lease
  • Market practices

Week 9 Taxation and aviation

  • Introduction to tax law
  • Tax residency
  • “trading” requirement
  • Depreciation
  • Capital allowances
  • Tax Treaties

Week 10 Aviation litigation

  • The litigation process
  • Avoiding litigation – Alternative dispute resolution clauses
  • Disadvantages of aviation litigation
  • International aviation litigation
  • Domestic aviation litigation
  • Key trends


The course is assessed by way of continuous assessment (100%).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the legal framework of an aviation lease
  • Appreciate the unique financial, risk and operational factors which influence the performance of Aviation companies
  • Appreciate the air transport industry structure, competition, technical and commercial issues facing companies involved in the sector.
  • To understand the direction and scope fo the multifaceted airline business.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of statutory obligations surrounding aviation leasing and finance inclusive of international obligations
  • Be aware of and be able to advise on leasing aircraft
  • Assess the implications of developments in relevant case law and legislation
  • Evaluate and analyse how aviation leases are designed, discharged, performed or breached.


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