Cyberpsychology: from cyberbullying to online dating sites

Cyberpsychology is the study of how online environments impact on human behaviour, relationships and cognitions. Much research is being undertaken into the effect of the cyberworld on groups and individuals.

The cyber or online environment is having an increasing impact on our lives and relationships. Some research is uncovering associations between mental health issues (such as anxiety and depression) among the young and social media use. Other studies suggest that online environments can help develop social skills and reduce isolation.

Whether it’s via a smartphone or a PC, from cyberbullying to online dating sites, many significant life encounters are now experienced, and in many examples directed by others, within computerised contexts. Many of the effects of the cyberworld are, as yet, unknown. However, emerging research is confirming that the impact on our online interactions, and the way we live so much of our life through electronic environments, is significant.

Course Overview

The Diploma in Cyberpsychology is a ten-week course designed to give counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists. psychiatrists, teachers and parents an up to date insight into our state of the art understanding of Cyberpsychology and its impact on our culture.

Course Content

1. Online Therapy and Computer-Based Interventions
2. Children and Adolescents Online
3. Cyberbullying and Net Anonymity
4. Online Relationships
5. Addiction, Pornography, Gaming and Gambling
6. Consumer Cyberpsychology and Cybercrime
7. Research and Online Experiences
8. Virtual Reality and AI: the Future for Cyberpsychology
9. Social Media and Impact


A pass grade on the written assignment will be required for awarding of the Diploma.

The assignment/project must be handed in on the due date unless a sound reason for lateness is provided. In such instances, an extension may be awarded at the discretion of the lecturer.

If paying in instalments by direct debit, the deposit to book a place is €150 and the balance is split into three equal monthly payments.



Dr. Liam Challenor

Dr. Liam Challenor is a psychologist focusing on the areas of cyberpsychology, education, human development and social psychology.

Liam conducted his PhD research in the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre in DCU. Liam’s PhD focused on the cyberbullying of post-primary teachers in Ireland, specifically examining victimisation, its impacts and required interventions and policy supports required. His research interests also include research on social media and its impacts on adolescents as well as online safety practices. Liam has provided training and consultancy across these topics in primary, secondary and third level education. Liam is a registered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and a member of the Special Interest Group for Media, Art and Cyberpsychology.

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