From cyberbullying to online dating sites, study how online environments impact on human behaviour


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Cyberpsychology: from cyberbullying to online dating sites

Cyberpsychology is the study of how online environments impact on human behaviour, relationships and cognitions. Much research is being undertaken into the effect of the cyberworld on groups and individuals.

The cyber or online environment is having an increasing impact on our lives and relationships. Some research is uncovering associations between mental health issues (such as anxiety and depression) among the young and social media use. Other studies suggest that online environments can help develop social skills and reduce isolation.

Whether it’s via a smartphone or a PC, from cyberbullying to online dating sites, many significant life encounters are now experienced, and in many examples directed by others, within computerised contexts. Many of the effects of the cyberworld are, as yet, unknown. However, emerging research is confirming that the impact on our online interactions, and the way we live so much of our life through electronic environments, is significant.

The Diploma in Cyberpsychology is a ten-week course designed to give counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists. psychiatrists, teachers and parents an up to date insight into our state of the art understanding of Cyberpsychology and its impact on our culture.

  • Current undergraduate psychology students 
  • Graduates-Providing an opportunity to get a taste for the topic before committing to a postgrad programme of study. 
  • Those working in consulting and advertising particularly small & medium sized companies. 
  • Those interested in online analytics.
  • Current psychology lecturers who want to learn more about the topic.
  • Teachers and parents interested in learning more about how younger generations are living their lives online. 
  • Those working in roles which involve safeguarding young people online.

1. Online Therapy and Computer-Based Interventions
2. Children and Adolescents Online
3. Cyberbullying and Net Anonymity
4. Online Relationships
5. Addiction, Pornography, Gaming, and Gambling
6. Consumer Cyberpsychology and Cybercrime
7. Research and Online Experiences
8. Virtual Reality and AI: the Future for Cyberpsychology
9. Social Media and Impact

A pass grade on the written assignment will be required for awarding the Diploma.

The assignment/project must be handed in on the due date unless a sound reason for lateness is provided. In such instances, an extension may be awarded at the discretion of the lecturer.


Chloé Beatty

Chloé graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology from Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) in 2016. She has since taken up positions in industry and non-profit organisations providing training on how to improve online branding identity and how to best utilise social media and data analytical tools to reach target audiences, by using principles rooted in psychological theory.
She currently works in academia as an online educator and a higher education digital learning specialist, where she applies knowledge from current psychological research and learning principles to improve the learning experience for online students. Her doctoral research is in the areas of developmental and cyberpsychology with a particular focus on screen use in early childhood and its impact on psychological development. She is passionate about disseminating knowledge on how humans can use technology to achieve their best potential both at an individual level, and societal level.

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