Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce security professionals, primarily Law Enforcement Officers, but also those in the Corrections/Penal, Defence, and Corporate environments, to a humanitarian-led dimension of security and policing.

Course Aims

To introduce the student successfully to concepts, methodologies, techniques and legalities relating to the humanitarian dimensions of policing and security practice.

There will be ten lectures comprising three hours each (this can be amended and adjusted to suit student needs and issues arising from the current Covid Pandemic).

It is envisaged that there will be up to four guest lectures during the course time, including one humanitarian law specialist.



Course Modules

Week 1 – Introduction to Human Rights

Week 2 – Principles of Human Rights-based policing and security operations

Week 3 – s.42 IHREC Act 2014

Week 4 – Rights, Dignity of the Person, Right to Life

Week 5 – Liberty and Security vs Torture and Degrading Treatment

Week 6 – Community-based security, concepts and methodology

Week 7 – Fair Trials, law, punishment and protecting society

Week 8 – Personal freedoms and assembly

Week 9 – Freedom vs Responsibility and how security can be enhanced

Week 10 – Summary key areas and table-top operational exercise

Course Award

City Colleges Diploma

Who Should apply?

Serving members of An Garda Siochana. Serving members of the Irish Prison Service. Serving members of the Irish Defence Forces. Security advisors for Non-Governmental Organisations. Corporate Security Advisors. Community Development Advisers/Specialists. Those with an interest in this wide-ranging area may or may not wish to pursue further studies on its completion.


Declan Power

Declan Power comes to this area from a solid platform of operational experience and doctrinal development having previously devised and taught Human Rights Awareness programs to international police and military officers across a series of United Nations peacekeeping and enforcement missions in Africa. 

He has also taught’ Human Rights on Field Operations’ to the NATO Civil-Military Centre of Excellence (CCCOE) at the Hague.

During his service as a senior UN Civil-Military Coordination (UNCMCoord) Officer he was attached to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) where he regularly worked on field operations with UN police officers and local para-military forces promoting human rights issues and negotiating access for humanitarian agencies to engage in life-saving activities. 

He also led a team in Darfur which developed an applied practical Human Rights-based training program for officers engaged in police liaison, peacekeeping and the ‘Saving Lives Together’ initiative which used Human Rights awareness training as a tool to limit excessive force such as kidnappings and attacks on civilian communities by protagonists in the Darfur civil war.

He is a graduate of the UN’s Humanitarian CMCoord basic instruction course, Field Officer’s course, and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affair’s Senior Staff Planning Course.


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