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Industrial Electrical Systems City Colleges’ Professional Diploma

  • Starting February 27th 2024
  • 6 weeks
  • Tuesdays (6.00pm – 8.30pm) and Saturdays (9am – 5pm)
  • Blended Courses: theory live-online in the midweek classes and in person, class/lab on Saturdays

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A good working knowledge of electrical systems and motors is essential for any engineer or technician working to maintain manufacturing equipment in semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and bio-medical facilities.

This course will give the learner the key knowledge and skills required to understand electrical systems and electrical safety along with required test and measurement techniques.

The course is delivered over five online sessions (3 hrs each) midweek supplemented with three Practical Labs (8 hrs each) on a Saturday

Tuesday Sessions:

February; 27
March; 5, 19
April; 2, 16

Saturday Labs :

March; 2, 16, 30

If you want to upskill and develop electrical knowledge to help you to pursue a career in a manufacturing production environment or if you are an industrial maintenance professional who would like to increase their electrical troubleshooting skills, then this course is right for you.
*You do not need to be formally qualified as an electrician to take this course.

This course will cover the following:

  1. Electrical safety standards including COHE & Lock-out Tag-out requirements
  2. Relays, Contactors, Timers, MCBs and RCBOs
  3. EMO and Safety Relay Circuits
  4. AC Power components, including True Power, Apparent power, Reactive Power and Power
    Factor with Power Factor Correction
  5. AC Generator Fundamentals
  6. Single and 3-phase motor operation
  7. How to connect motors in star and delta configurations using contactors
  8. Motor control for forward-reverse operations
  9. Other Motors types (servo, stepper etc)
  10. Troubleshoot and fault find a variety of faults in electrical circuits using associated circuit
  11. A variety of test equipment to measure and analyse electrical circuits (Fluke multimeter, etc)

The skills obtained can be applied in both manufacturing and service industries.

60% of the course is practical supported with custom designed electrical rigs which simulate an industry setting (single and three phase, with motor control, VSD etc)

The theory element of this course (Tuesday evenings) will be taken Live-Online and practical side will be taken at the College on Saturdays where you will work in a real world setting while using electrical rigs.

The ability to diagnose electrical system faults will save time and money and effective troubleshooters add great value to the organisation they work for. Taking this course and receiving the qualification will mean that you have demonstrated your competence as required by Health and Safety legislation. This qualification will present you with opportunities to work in diverse areas within the manufacturing environment carrying out the diagnosing and repair/replacement of components.

Sana Zaki

Course Award

City Colleges Professional Diploma in Industrial Electrical Systems

Corporate Training

In addition to our scheduled Professional Diploma courses, City Colleges can provide bespoke training over 3 – 4 days, please contact for further details.

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