Course Overview

Students will have acquired skills in marketing and sales required to aid them in developing a career in marketing, sales, and related fields. Students who take this marketing and sales course will develop key skills in areas such as advertising, marketing communications, and sales management which are widely used by companies in every sector of the market.


Course Modules

Week 1 – What is marketing? What is a brand? Outline the marketing process, Outline the basics of marketing and how this creates customer value and engagement. Includes 4Ps of marketing.

Week 2 – Understanding marketplace and consumers. How critical it is to have the consumer at the heart of all marketing decisions. How to ensure you have the consumer’s voice – understanding consumer research, generating primary/ secondary information, conducting research, and interpreting results. How to use the information to gain consumer insight

Week 3 – Sales perspective, Role of the sales team. Pricing strategies and promotion.

Week 4 – Sales responsibilities – preparation and account management

Week 5 – Innovation – where, when, why, and how? – Look into innovation and explore the product life cycle to help analysis how and what type of innovation. New Product Development process

Week 6 – Engaging consumers Look at the whole marketing mix – promotional mix, the role of advertising, PR. The need for an integrated approach. How to start effective marketing communications.

Week 7 – Social/ digital marketing and sustainable marketing – Overview of digital & social marketing – rapid growth and how to market with the digital age. Review the growing importance and impact of ethical issues on a brand

Week 8 – Sales forecasting and budgeting

Week 9 – Legal and ethical issues in sales management

Week 10 – Review course

Course Award

City Colleges Award


A pass grade on the written assignment will be required for awarding the Diploma.

This marketing course is assessed by way of project (70%) and MCQ (30%).


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