Course Overview

Having good Computer Skills immediately puts you at an advantageous position over competing job candidates.

Our Diploma course will teach you all the basic concepts and techniques of computing while exploring lots of tips and shortcuts. We will then cover the most widely used and important Microsoft computer applications (Word / PowerPoint / Excel) to give you the skills required to use these tools effectively in modern life.

This course will show you touch typing so that using your computer will become easier and smoother. We will then move onto more advanced functions such as data input and formatting before finally exploring the practical uses of your new knowledge in the realistic assignments you will complete.

Our Diploma course will run you through all the basic concepts and techniques of computing. We will then cover the most important Microsoft computer applications to give you the skills required to use these tools in modern life. This course will train you in touch typing so that using your computer will become easier and smoother. We will then move onto more advanced functions such as data input and formatting before finally exploring the practical uses of your new knowledge.

Lectures are delivered classroom-based and online. All content is webcast live and recorded for review. Online content is available through Moodle.

*Students will need to have access to a version of Microsoft Office on their devices for the duration of this course.


Why Office & Computer Skills?

Your ability to use a variety of computer programmes is an important skill to put on your C.V. and of course for your future career. Not only does computer literacy help in applying for jobs, but it may also increase your salary as you are able to take on more responsibilities in the workplace.

Modern businesses rely heavily on computerised technology to successfully complete their growing list of projects. Having a good level of computer skills means that you can perform tasks efficiently and helps you stand out amongst your colleagues. This can potentially lead to a promotion or successfully securing a higher-level position.

Course Modules

Basic Computer Skills

You will get a better understanding of the key concepts of IT, computers, devices and software such as Microsoft Office. Learn how to work effectively on the computer desktop using the various icons and windows. Discover how to adjust the main operating system settings and use the built-in help features to best suit your personal needs.

Learn the concepts of file management so that you can efficiently organise files and folders.Understand storage and the importance of protecting data and devices from malware and how to best set-up your data.Recognise considerations relating to green IT, accessibility, and user health.

Keyboard & Typing Skills – Ever want to learn to type without looking at the keyboard?

Module content:

  • Making a Start Typing
  • Keyboard Proficiency
  • Special Aspects of Keyboarding
  • Putting It All Together



  • Create, edit and save small-sized presentations
  • Work with presentations and save them
  • Understand different slide layouts and designs
  • Enter, edit, and format text in presentations
  • Recognise good practice in applying unique titles to slides
  • Create, and format charts
  • Insert and edit pictures, images, and drawn objects
  • Insert and edit videos
  • Adding sound and music
  • Learn how to record a presentation
  • Apply animation and transition effects to presentations
  • Exporting as PDFs and MP3
  • Printing and giving presentations

Word Processing

  • Create, edit and save small-sized word processing documents
  • Apply different formats to documents to enhance them
  • Adjust document page settings
  • Check spelling and layout to prepare for print
  • Insert images, tables & graphs
  • Learn how to create a mail merge
  • Learn how to create a form
  • Export documents in different formats such as PDF’s


  • Create, edit and save small-sized spreadsheets
  • Choose built-in options within the application to enhance productivity
  • Enter data into cells; use good practice in creating lists
  • Select, sort and copy, move and delete data
  • Edit rows and columns in a worksheet
  • Copy, move, delete, and appropriately rename worksheets
  • Create mathematical formulas using standard spreadsheet functions
  • Recognise some error values
  • Format numbers and text content in a spreadsheet
  • Create, and format charts
  • Printing spreadsheets

Learning Outcomes

Our Microsoft Office & Computer Skills course is designed to make sure you can use your computer to it maximum potential, even if you may believe that you are already doing so. Improved computer skills can do so much for so many, even if you are already a proficient computer user this Diploma course will enhance any prior knowledge that you may already have.

You will discover that there are tools, functions and shortcuts in computers that you never knew about, and this course will guide you through which are the best and most efficient ones.

Course Award

City Colleges Diploma

Entry Requirements

Students will be required to have Microsoft Office software downloaded onto their devices for the duration of this course.

See price for monthly Microsoft subscription here:


Attendance and Assessment

A ‘Pass’ grade on both the digital assignment (Project) as well as in-class participation is required to achieve the Diploma. A ‘Fail’ grade will result in a Certificate of Attendance for the course but without the Diploma being awarded.

Students must attend at least 8 of the 10-course evenings to graduate with either the Diploma or Certificate of Attendance unless a serious and verifiable reason for further absence is provided. Likewise, the Project must be uploaded on the due date unless a sound reason for lateness is provided. In such instances, an extension may be awarded at the discretion of the lecturer.

Digital Assessment:

Students will be assessed through a series of exercises designed around the course learning, which is to be submitted within one month of cessation of lectures. This assignment will be based around and thus confirming the students’ learned knowledge of each of the Office products used in this course.


Gráinne Farrell

Gráinne has nearly twenty years’ experience in the Marketing Industry, creating successful Marketing strategies that align with Company Objectives.

She has a diverse portfolio at global and national level including gaming, software, energy, insurance & recycling. She has been involved in some substantial partnerships including Manchester United Football Club and had worked on projects with many prestigious companies including Ladbrokes, Worlds Series of Poker, Facebook and Google.

Gráinne has first-hand experience in the development of digital marketing plans including paid advertising, SEO, email, content, social, web development and analytics.

A strategically focused Individual, Gráinne encourages people to think outside the box and see the bigger picture.

Grainne is very experienced when it comes to Microsoft Office and brings best practices to the course where you will get the most out of her teachings to help you going forward.


Paul Noone

Dean, College of Information Technology

Paul has been successfully teaching ICT to students in various colleges and schools for many years, while prior to and during this time, he established his own Web and Graphic Design business, creating a large portfolio of clients.

Paul has a vast knowledge of business, being involved in the retail sector for many years, owning and running his own retail outlets in Dublin, this business experience includes the introduction of an international retailing brand, involving the opening of multiple retail outlets around Ireland.


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