Course Overview

An introduction to the main topics of modern psychology.

The Diploma in Psychology at City Colleges aims to introduce students to the main topics often taught on modern psychology courses. These topics include developmental and lifespan psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, biological basis of behaviour, personality theory and individual differences, abnormal psychology, research design and methods, and psychological therapies. Students will also gain experience of research through a project to be completed within one month of completion of lectures.

The focus of the Diploma is theoretical although discussion and practical examples of relevance will be discussed throughout. Graduates will possess a broad, basic understanding of modern psychology following completion of the Diploma. They may use such learning to decide if further studies in psychology would be of interest to them. Alternatively, students may simply complete the Diploma out of interest regarding the manner in which modern psychology aims to investigate and better understand the human mind and behaviour. Professionals in related disciplines such as counselling, etc, may also be eligible to consider completion of the course for CPD (continuing professional development) purposes.

The course takes place over 10 weeks with three annual intakes – in January, April and September.


Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the main features, characteristics, core principles and concepts of two of the major psychological perspectives

2. Identify the main therapies, interventions, practical and ethical boundaries of each psychological perspective within care and other settings

3. Explain how each perspective contributes to an understanding of individual and group behaviour

4. Gain an understanding of the research methods and ethical issues involved in the study of psychology

5. Apply theory and research to work practice with due regards for ethics

6. Examine the nature of attitudes and beliefs

7. Apply skills/knowledge to typical work-based problems.

Course Award

City Colleges Psychology Diploma


A pass grade on the written assignment will be required for awarding the Diploma.

A Written Assignment of 2,500 words.


Isobel Butler

Isobel Butler has a BA (Hons) in  Psychology an MSc in Organisational Psychology. Since 1997 she has provided a wide range of services to organisations across both the public and private sector.  Her work has included Training and Development; Organisational Development ; Conflict management ; Respect and dignity and anti- bullying initiatives ; Health and Safety; Partnership Development and Facilitation and mediation.

Since 1997 Isobel has also been an Associate Lecturer with the Open University teaching and supporting adult learners on three undergraduate Psychology modules. From 2001-2012 she delivered a module on Work Organisation on the MBS in Safety and Health in DCU.

Isobel has used mediation, facilitation, joint problem solving skills, and alternative dispute methods to help organisations and their employees manage the conflict situations that have arisen in their workplaces.


During my time at City Colleges, I really appreciated their flexibility (I work full time), the standard of the teaching, the interesting course and the people I met. The online tools are of a high standard and allowed me to keep up to date with my course whilst I was working remotely. I would recommend a course with City Colleges to everyone.

Joanna Gilfoyle


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