Diploma in the Sociology of Ireland is Delivered Through the Following Channels:

Diploma in the Sociology of Ireland

The course is suitable for persons seeking to develop a sociological understanding of the world we live in. Learners will be introduced to key theorists such as Marx, Weber and Durkheim. Learners will also be encouraged to develop a sociological imagination and apply it to contemporary issues in Modern Ireland such as gender and sexuality, social division and Crime.

Course Overview

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Course Content

Week 1 – Introduction to the course and origins, dynamics and context of the sociological imagination

Week 2 – Socological theory

Week 3 – Sociology & Modernity

Week 4 – Sociological research methods

Week 5 – The dynamics of Irish Development

Week 6 – The Irish Family – a sociological undertstanding

Week 7 – Gender and Sexuality in Ireland

Week 8 – Social divisions – who rules Ireland?

Week 9 – The body, health and illness

Week 10 – Crime and deviance

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Students must attend at least 80% of classes to graduate with either the Diploma or Certificate of Attendance unless a serious and verifiable reason for further absence is provided.

If completing the course online, students’ attendance and participation of the live or recorded classes is tracked through Moodle.

The Diploma is assessed by an assignment.


Anita Brady

Anita Brady BSoc.Sc., MScoc.Sc. is a graduate of Maynooth University and a Bachelor of Sociology and Social Policy and holds a Master’s Degree in Rights and Social Policy. Upon completion of Anita’s undergraduate Degree, she was awarded first-class honours in respect of her Dissertation which examined the experiences of whistleblowers in Ireland.

Anita has presented lectures on the experiences of whistleblowers from a sociological and policy perspective and was a tutor in Maynooth University where she tutored the module entitled: Political economy within the European Union.

Anita’s Master’s Degree explored from a social policy perspective, tribunals and inquiries in Ireland, with a particular emphasis on corruption, malpractice, wrongdoing and whistleblowing scandals in an Garda SíochánaAnita currently works in the area of social care; specifically, working with children who have experienced major trauma and in the care of the State. Anita currently lectures the Diploma in Social Studies in City Colleges Dublin.