Course Overview

Develop the Skills to build and manage a Professional Website.

Our Diploma in Web Design has been created to bring you up to speed on a variety of skills and techniques required to both improve your career prospects as a professional web designer and to acquire the necessary skills to create and manage your own website. This course will also explore elements of Graphic Design, with a particular focus around logo creation and image editing.

You will be taken step-by-step through the basics of creating, firstly a single webpage and ultimately a complete website, using the mark-up language HTML 5 and JavaScript, while managing the site’s overall styling using CSS3. Once you are sufficiently proficient in creating a simple website using these languages, we will then explore Content Management Systems, this journey will show you just how easy it is to manage your own website using the best software in the market today.

We will also look at how best to manage your website’s position on Google ranking and just how to manipulate this ranking. Your site’s customer profile will be addressed and where is best to focus your attention around this.


Why Web Design?

In today’s world understanding and being able to manage your own website is an essential part of every business. This ten-week course will lead you though the basics of the 3 main programming languages to build a simple website before moving on to learn how to create and manage a website using the most effective web design software available today.

Learning how to design a website will:

  • Save You Costs on Marketing
  • Teach you a Marketable Skill
  • Help you Understand and Manage SEO
  • Let You Improve User Engagement
  • Show how to direct customers to certain products
  • Help Improve your business sales
  • Let you explore Your Creative Side

Lectures are delivered classroom-based and online. All content is webcast live and recorded for review. Online content is available through Moodle.

Course Modules

An Introduction to HTML & CSS

  • Learn just what is HTML and how do we create webpages. Where do we write the code and how does that code become a website?
    Create a Simple Website using HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3

Create a simple webpage with HTML5 and JavaScript and then style the page using CSS3.

  • Add various important elements to your webpage including a menu so that further pages can then be added later as the website develops.

Logo Design for Website

  • Design a simple logo using Inkscape and discover the importance of a well-designed logo and how this can affect your business.

Image Editing

  • Explore graphic design software and get an understanding of pixels and how to edit your images perfectly by resizing them, using filters to optimise images and all the essential requirements to create a professional looking website.

Explore the Content Management Systems Options

  • What are the best C.M.S. tools available? Explore the most popular website CMS software right now are and then create your own professional looking website using these tools


  • Learn how to add an online shop to your website and then explore all the ways to make the most of your shop by highlighting and promoting certain areas / products.

SEO – Improve your Websites Google Ranking

Learn how to:

  • Align your website’s content while considering SEO
  • Write a compelling title tag and meta description
  • Optimize your sites Images
  • Optimize your web page speed
  • Use internal site links
  • Improve the web user experience
  • Include keywords in URLs

Monitor Website visitors and learn where Best to Focus your Attention

  • Use the best website traffic analytical tools to understand how and where to focus your attention, get the maximum page hits and ultimately convert as many site visitors as possible to customers.

Learning Outcomes

This Website Design and Management course will primarily teach you the fundamentals or if you like give you an understanding of the engine that is running behind any website and how this can be manipulated to create a professional website. You will learn the importance of well-designed logo and how this can improve your website.

You will understand how your website works and how you optimise it to improve customer engagement and end results. You will develop the skills necessary to manage your website’s content management system which is vital training for anyone with an online presence in today’s world.

You will learn the importance of a good logo and how a logo can be created. You will also learn the necessary skills to navigate your own specific website content management system that is used to manage your online business.

Course Award

City Colleges Diploma

Who Should apply?

  • Sole Traders who require help to manage their business
  • Small to Medium Enterprises who require help to improve their online presence
  • People responsible for their company’s online presence
  • Employees who want to further develop their career in Web Design
  • Students who want to add website design to their professional portfolio
  • Anybody who is interested in trying out Web Design for the first time


Attendance and Assessment:

A ‘Pass’ grade on both the digital assignment (Project) as well as in-class participation is required to achieve the Diploma. A ‘Fail’ grade will result in a Certificate of Attendance for the course but without the Diploma being awarded.

Students must attend at least 8 of the 10-course evenings to graduate with either the Diploma or Certificate of Attendance unless a serious and verifiable reason for further absence is provided. Likewise, the Project must be uploaded on the due date unless a sound reason for lateness is provided. In such instances, an extension may be awarded at the discretion of the lecturer

Digital Assessment:

Students will be assessed through a design project to be submitted within one month of cessation of lectures. This assignment will be a simple functioning website. Submitted essays will be graded with accompanying feedback.


Paul Noone

Dean, College of Information Technology

Paul has been successfully teaching ICT to students in various colleges and schools for many years, while prior to and during this time, he established his own Web and Graphic Design business, creating a large portfolio of clients.

Paul has a vast knowledge of business, being involved in the retail sector for many years, owning and running his own retail outlets in Dublin, this business experience includes the introduction of an international retailing brand, involving the opening of multiple retail outlets around Ireland.


Michael Carstairs

Michael Carstairs is an experienced Programmer having worked in multiple programming languages and IDE environments as well as with HTML, CSS, C#, Phyton and Processing.

He is constantly striving to ensure clear and understandable code that can be used in scalable web and game environments. Michael brings a wealth of programming experience and knowledge with a particular interest in creating interesting interactive elements in all applications.

Corporate Training

In addition to our scheduled Professional Diploma courses, City Colleges can provide bespoke training over 3 – 4 days, please contact for further details.


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