Why study the workplace inclusion and diversity awareness training area?

Most global companies are working hard now to ensure that they inclusion induction and training programs are in place and function adequately. Some companies hire full time in-house experts for this area and others search outside for suitable vendors to deliver the program. Traditional undergraduate and master’s degrees often touch upon this area but courses that specialise in it are rare. The demand for skills in this area far exceeds the supply so it creates a lot of career opportunities.

Indicative Course Content (may be subject to change).

  • Learning how to design company policies that reinforce diversity in the workplace, addressing all kinds of harassment and protecting minority groups and women
  • Creating training plans for hiring managers and HR staff on how to select, manage, evaluate and retain diverse employees
  • Management techniques for reviewing all communication on websites, social media pages, job descriptions and internal documents to ensure non-discriminatory language is always used.
  • Approaches for devising selection criteria to verify objectives and ensuring they are strictly job-related
  • Establishing benefit packages that cater to all employees
  • Techniques for measuring and forecasting diversity metrics
  • Studying how to act as a consultant to underrepresented groups and make sure all voices are heard.
  • Workshop training coordination to boost employees’ communication abilities and team spirit
  • Company representation at career events (like job fairs)
  • Compliance with Irish and EU regulations on diversity and equity

Programme Delivery

This will be an online learning course. If you are unable to attend live classes, the classes will be available online to watch at a later stage. It is a 10-week course, live classes will be on Tuesday evenings per week from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.


Assessment will be by a mixture of a written assignments and continuous assessment.


Gisele Borges

Gisele Borges has a wealth of experience in diversity awareness and communication, carrying out advanced research in the area recently for both University College Dublin and Sorbonne University, Paris. She has a PhD in Innovation & Information on the Internet, along with two master’s degrees in Internet & Communications and in Communication to Business from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Gisele has presented research papers at a number of international academic conferences and contributes chapters to editor compiled books. Sample titles include “Feminism today: new forms of online participation and activism”, “The challenges of Internal Communication in the Knowledge Society” and “Production of Information about Immigration: case of France and Ireland”.

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Diploma in Workplace Inclusion and Diversity Awareness Training (Blended Learning)


6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Gisele Borges