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QQI (Quality & Qualifications Ireland) *subject to validation

Higher Diploma in Engineering in Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations

  • Level 7 and 8 programmes are 90% funded for those in employment and 100% funded for those on a qualifying social welfare payment.
  • Part-time/Blended
  • Duration 9 months
  • Starting February 2024

Enrolling Now

The Higher Diploma in Engineering in Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations QQI Level 8 Major Award* programme has been created to help address the skill shortages in the Irish ICT sector and will equip full time learners with the knowledge, skills, and competence to undertake a range of tasks at operative level in the clean-room environment for semiconductor manufacturing and/or data centre operations an area having difficulty filling roles. Learners will be provided with the opportunity to assimilate knowledge within an industry focused learning environment through the use of practical sessions in labs and workshops supported by on campus and online interactive learning.
The programme will equip the learner with the knowledge, skills, and competence to undertake a range of tasks at operative level in the cleanroom environment for semiconductor manufacturing and/or data centre operations. The programme will cover many aspects of theory and practice for semiconductor manufacturing, some of which includes electrical and electronic systems, cleanroom technology, automation, structured trouble shooting and manufacturing operations.

The programme assessment strategy will ensure that graduates of the programme will have demonstrated the practical skills necessary to secure internships or employment in the semiconductor manufacturing and data centre operations in Ireland.

Learners will be provided with the opportunity to assimilate knowledge within an industry
focused learning environment. This focus is maintained through the use of practical sessions in labs
and workshops supported by on campus and online interactive learning.

This programme is designed for those graduates of engineering or cognate disciplines aspiring to progress their academic experience to a Level 8 NFQ award, specifically in the area of Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations. The programme is designed for domestic learners with a level of self-motivation and discipline that will drive them through the academic demands of the programme and the independent learning required.

Subject to validation by Quality & Qualifications Ireland*

1. To provide graduates with the ability to advance their career by attaining a qualification which enables them to secure industry entry to junior level positions, or further advancement within their current sphere.
2. To provide the semiconductor manufacturing industry with graduates who possess the requisite attributes to make a positive contribution to industry.
3. To provide learners with an NFQ level 8 major award that will provide them with the knowledge, skill and competence to set them on a progression pathway to further their education in the area of semiconductor and manufacturing practice.
4. To provide graduates with the foundation upon which they can further their studies at NFQ Level 9 in Engineering or one of many engineering-related disciplines (in Ireland or abroad) such as Engineering, Computer Science, Computational Science, Information Systems, IT Management, Technology and Innovation Management.
5. To provide graduates with an environment conducive to personal development established through the use of peer learning, mentoring and formative feedback, thus allowing them to acquire new knowledge and the ability to identify their further learning needs and continuing professional development.
6. To provide a programme of study attractive for female participation in the semiconductor manufacturing field addressing the national lack of diversity in employment in this expanding field.

The direct entry route to this programme requires applicants to evidence discipline specific expertise, including mathematical proficiency to a minimum of NFQ level 7. The following are accepted as appropriate evidence for direct entry:

a. An NFQ Level 8 honours degree in a cognate discipline to Engineering,
b. An NFQ level 7 degree in a cognate discipline to Engineering and post qualification discipline-relevant work experience.

City Education Group are committed to providing equal access to education and equal opportunities for mature students.

Students who are 23 years of age or older on 1st January of the year of application can apply directly to this programme.

Mature applicants are required to evidence their potential to succeed through demonstration of ability to pursue the programme at the applicable NFQ level and benefit from the programme of study in question.

Springboard Eligibility:

Full information on your eligibility for the scheme can be found directly on the springboard website. For those who commence the programme and are actively employed at the time of enrolment you will be liable for 10% of the course fee (€450). If you are unemployed your feel will be covered in full if you are deemed eligible for the scheme. Proof of unemployment is required.

Applicants should first ensure that they are registered with springboard+ and can then submit an application through the Springboard+ website a member of the Admissions team will be in contact with you within 1-2 working days to advise you on the next steps to enrolment.


Dr Anesu Nyabadza

Dr. Anesu Nyabadza is a lecturer in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at City Colleges, specifically in the Engineering in Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations program. He holds a PhD in nanotechnology and material science, which he completed in 2021 at Dublin City University and The University of Sheffield. Prior to that, he obtained his Bachelor’s Honors degree in 2019 from Dublin City University.

Dr. Nyabadza has expertise in the production of various nanomaterials, such as graphene and bimetallic nanoparticles, using laser techniques and wet-chemistry methods. In addition to his research work, he is an experienced lecturer, teaching modules in mechanical and electrical engineering. His teaching areas cover a range of subjects, including automation and robotics, thermodynamics, product design, mathematics, and electronics.

Currently, Dr. Nyabadza’s research focus is on the life-cycle assessment (LCA) of additively manufactured Ni-Ti heat pumps, produced through selective laser melting (SLM). The primary objective of his research is to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the production and usage of these products. By doing so, he aims to contribute to the development of greener heating and cooling applications and a more environmentally friendly society.

Enock Vimbe

Enock has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing, steel, diamond , power generation as well as specialising  in systems integration in the Water/Wastewater industry. He has worked predominantly in the electrical,instrumentation, process control and automation field, and is responsible for hardware and software designs associated with instrumentation. His areas of special interest include PLCs, SCADA systems, process control and programming. Having spent many years on the shop-floor, Enock has built up a vast amount of hands-on practical experience.

Enock is currently active as an Automation Engineer  in the field of Electrical, Instrumentation and Telemetry to Ireland’s wide and critical water/wastewater management infrastructure industry as well as to other general engineering and technology companies, which require specialised solutions. Over the years Enock has taken on the responsibility of mentoring engineers and technicians in training, in addition to the presentation of engineering workshops in the process control and measurement field.

Enock  strongly believes a positive ‘can do’ attitude ,enthusiasm ,commitment and preparedness under able guidance will transform any willing learner aspiring to be a renowned engineering professional to reach his/her full potential.

Mark Sheridan

Mark Sheridan BEng is an engineering lecturer from Dublin. Originally serving the automotive sector internationally from trade to teaching, Mark has had a progressive career, with a shift in discipline to Electrical & Mechanical engineering in recent years. Along with a study area in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Mark aims to lead the way in education for manufacturing and electronic technical disciplines with a positive and open-minded attitude towards learners.

Sandy Seeber-Quayle

With a proven track record of driving results, Sandy Seeber-Quayle is an accomplished manager, trainer, and coach. Having led teams to deliver effective outcomes at CNP Santander Insurance, Aegon, and Apple, Sandy brings a wealth of experience. 

Her qualifications, including a Diploma in Organizational Behavior from the Irish Management Institute, Train the Trainer, and Executive Coaching Diplomas, emphasize her expertise. 

Sandy excels at transforming challenging relationships into collaborative partnerships and delivering impactful training sessions. 

Leveraging strong facilitation, communication, and organizational skills, she develops middle managers using the KUBA Pilot Strategy for exceptional results. 

With a positive and open-minded attitude, Sandy aims to lead the way in teaching professionalism and developing effective thinking habits for individuals to excel in their respective fields.

Why Study This Programme?

The semiconductor industry plays a critical role in various sectors, including electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, automotive, and more. With the increasing demand for electronic devices and advancements in technology, the semiconductor industry is experiencing significant growth and offers numerous career opportunities.

The semiconductor manufacturing process requires specialized knowledge and skills. By pursuing this program, you can gain expertise in areas such as semiconductor fabrication, quality control, process optimization, equipment maintenance, and yield improvement. These skills are in high demand by semiconductor companies worldwide.

Who Is This Programme For?

The Diploma in Higher Diploma in Engineering in Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations (Higher Diploma in Engineering in Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations is a one-year (60 credit) Special Purpose Award (SPA) programme that is awarded at Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

This diploma provides comprehensive coverage of the key aspects of the Data Analytics industry. It aims to deliver an in-depth analysis of the core issues that parties typically encounter in Data Analytics.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to take the data analysis technologies in Excel and similar Analysis Tools beyond formulas and add more advanced capabilities such as dashboards, hierarchies, and relationships.

Further Information

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