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“What is Data Visualisation and why is it important?”

Join Lecturer Vincent Mc Grady on Tuesday 27th September to discuss the merits of Data Visualisation and why its so important to Data Analysts.

Data is becoming one of the most valuable assets within business it can be used to optimise operations, drive sales and forecast the future. The incredible fact about data is it’s flexibility the one data set can achieve all three of the above aims at once. That is why business leaders across the planet have called data the new sunlight because of it’s availability and usability.

In this masterclass, we provide an introduction to how data can be turned into impactful visualisations that drive insights and transformational change

Vincent currently works as the Head of Performance in Bank of Ireland were he leads a team of analysts to drive insights in the banks insurance arm. Vincent has a masters in Computer Science from University College Dublin were he graduated with first class and a bachelors from Trinity College Dublin in Information Systems were he also graduated with First Class honors. Vincent has worked as a lecturer for the last 4 years delivering a range of modules in various colleges and universities in Dublin.

Date: Tuesday 27th September
Time : 7 – 8pm
Location: Online

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