Welcome to the Faculty of Criminology, Policing and Security Studies at City Colleges.

We are a professionally focused college that brings together the fascinating areas of criminology (including white-collar crime), forensic psychology, policing and prison studies, offering students an unrivalled opportunity to study these topics on site in our college and/or on-line.

Criminology covers a range of areas such as the measurement of crime, whether crime has primarily biological, social, familial or sociological origins and the implications of crime for our communities. It also examines how society responds to crime and criminal events, and the effects that such responses have on criminal behaviour and statistics. Criminology and criminal psychology are not for the faint-hearted and topics such as stalking, serial killing and sexual offending are examples of the types of areas that will be covered in some of our programmes.

Our courses are designed to assist professional and other interested students to acquire an in-depth understanding of the complexities of criminal and other deviant behaviour and of society’s reaction to crime and deviance generally. All diplomas are suitable not just for those who work in criminal justice, but also for those who are interested in the minds of criminals, the criminal justice system, policing and penology and wish to learn more about these topics. Students will gain a theoretical and practical knowledge of the criminal justice system and its components, and gain insights into the philosophy, sociology and criminal law. Criminal justice professionals who take our policing or prison specialties will gain further understanding of how An Garda Síochana and The Prison Service respond to and deal with these rapidly changing areas.

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your particular professional requirements.

John Deane-O’Keeffe

Dean, College of Criminology & Policing Studies

Listen to John Deane-O’Keeffe’s weekly radio show “Crime Matters”

You may listen to episodes of John’s weekly radio show “Crime Matters” here and get further insights into criminology, crime and forensic psychology when he interviews a wide range of guests.

You can listen to John discuss our Criminology courses on Dublin City FM on the 28th April 2021 broadcast.

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