Welcome to the College of Digital Marketing

The Diploma in Digital Marketing for Business will provide you with the skills and hands-on experience to transform your online marketing expertise. But my goal is to help you achieve more than the benefits of a diploma. My goal is to help you take a major step forward in your use of the latest online technologies to enable you to help your organisation, get noticed and move up in your career.

The course is aimed at people who are able to use computers and the internet. Perhaps you want to learn how to get the most from your online marketing budget or perhaps you want to enhance your social media, either for yourself, for a small business or for a large organisation. If you want to learn about the latest techniques for online marketing, and to learn how to use these tools during the course, this is for you.

My personal experience is that online marketing changed my life. I have marketing, database analysis, management information systems and multiple training qualifications as well as 25 years of corporate marketing & management behind me. Developing my online presence and running my consultancy has led to my writing being translated into 10 languages, appearances on TV and radio and most importantly, opportunities to help others achieve success.

What makes City Colleges different? City Colleges provides the smart way to upskill. Our lectures are streamed live and recorded for watching later, so you never have to miss a lecture. And if you want to review any of the lectures you can go back and replay them. No one else does this in Ireland. And I will be there to answer any questions to ensure you get all the help you need to succeed in your goals. And our South Great Georges Street classes are an ideal location.

Your course work will be assessed and your Diploma will be based on producing a practical Digital Marketing plan, based on your or your organisations individual needs. So you will achieve something practical and valuable with this course, a seven step plan tailored for you, which can be used by your organisation to drive change. You can also use this as a tool to demonstrate your aptitude and knowledge in the future.

We look forward to seeing you soon.