Helen Walsh - City Colleges Lecturer

Helen Walsh is an international Life and Health Coach and one of Ireland’s leading wellness experts. Her portfolio of clients include some of the biggest names from entertainment, politics, media and business,Helen is best known for motivating and supporting thousands of people to achieve their individual goals.

Helen has extensive experience in Fitness, Psychology, Coaching,she also has a backround in Cognitive behavioral therapy and Counselling combined with a intuitive style which enables Helen to take a holistic approach of working on the psychological, physical and energetic levels of each client.

Helen has taught Coaching and Self Development at Transition Year level in one of the most prestigious schools in Dublin and this year sees Helen go into her 20th year with Belvedere College,she has also been part of Fitness and Health training programmes with An Gardai Siochana and has worked as a mentor with many STEP and OUTREACH Programmes in the YMCA.