Diploma in Programming Fundamentals


Learning the fundamentals of programming can lay the foundations to a rewarding career in software development.

Our Diploma in Programming Course will cover the core principles of programming. This program will encourage students to actively implement topics covered in class. This course will explore what programming is and what uses it can have, while focusing on displaying and calculating data in a meaningful way.

Throughout the course you will discover how to use variables to store and calculate information that is updated in real time based on the user’s input, how to understand and implement a sorting algorithm, the use of recursion and iteration and the differences between them.

This course has been designed to introduce students to programming with a focus on core concepts and how to apply them.

Why Programming?

  • Coding and programming careers have great earning potential
  • Demand remains strong for coding-related jobs
  • Coding ability gives new perspective to problem-solving
  • Learning to programme offers career flexibility
  • Programming can be used in many disciplines, from game development to financial institutions
  • You will gain an understanding of the principles used in programming with a wealth of new areas to explore
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