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Whereas the college understands that unforeseen circumstances may compel a student to withdraw from a course, students should understand that the college makes decisions as to resource levels for a course (including teaching resources) based upon the number of students who register for it at the commencement of the course. Accordingly, only in very exceptional circumstances, will the college consider refunding a part of any fees paid.


  • The college accepts no obligation to refund any fee or part of any fee paid in respect of any programme or service provided by the college.
  • Under no circumstances will the college refund the deposit, or any part of the deposit paid in respect of a students’ registration for a programme, save in the event that the college is unable to run the course registered for.
  • Where a student has to withdraw from a programme and the withdrawal is due to exceptional circumstances which are beyond the student’s control (and which are documented and which are likely to significantly impact upon their ability to successfully follow the course), a partial refund of any fee paid may be considered. Where, in the circumstances detailed above, a student does not attend any instruction, or where a student commences lectures but withdraws before the third week of a programme of study, part of the fee paid may be refunded. Applications for such refunds must be addressed to the Faculty Manager and made on the college’s Application For Refund Form (available from the faculty office) and reach the Faculty Manager before week five of the programme.
  • Extenuating circumstances that may be considered within section 3 above, though used here by way of example only and without any commitment by the college to consider such circumstances as extenuating in any particular case, are as follows:

– serious illness of student or member of proximate family

– death of a member of student’s proximate family

As an alternative to claiming a refund, any student may ask to defer their registration on a programme of study to a later date or to a nominated alternative programme of study.

Please note that the information contained in the document is neither conclusive nor exhaustive and City Colleges reserve the right to substitute alternative arrangements where it deems necessary.

Please note: Whereas the college makes every effort to refund eligible persons as quickly as possible, during busy periods refund payments may take up to 30 days.


The Student may (unless studying on a student visa) no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of the Programme cancel his or her acceptance by providing City Colleges with written notice. If the Student so cancels their study, the Student’s liability to City Colleges will be limited to payment to City Colleges of a cancellation fee of €100 which may be deducted from any applicable refund. Any refund made by City Colleges will be made to the original payer. Full course fees will be payable if less than two weeks’ notice is given, and no refund will be made in such circumstances. Refunds are not available of any amounts paid for study materials, where the materials have been supplied to the Student.

The Student may (unless studying on a student visa) defer enrolment in the Programme for one academic year, provided City Colleges receives written notice at least two weeks prior to the Programme commencement date (the “Date of Deferment”) and the Student pays a €50 administrative fee at the discretion of the college. The fees or any deposit paid by the Student will not be refunded but will be carried forward to the following academic year. Should the City Colleges fees change between the Date of Deferment and the date of commencement of the following academic year the Student will be liable to the City Colleges for any additional amount due and must pay it before the commencement of such academic year. Where an applicant has deferred their place on a programme and subsequently does not start the programme on a following intake the fees are not refundable or transferable and will be held in credit to be used by the applicant.

International Students & Higher Education Programmes

  • In the event of a visa refusal (prior to course commencement): The applicant or their nominated educational consultant should notify the college by e-mail of the visa refusal and submit any supporting documentation necessary.
  • A member of the Admissions team may ask if the applicant wishes to appeal the decision. If yes, the refund process commences if the appeal is then unsuccessful. If the applicant chooses not to appeal the decision then they proceed immediately to the refund process below.
  • Once confirmation of the visa refusal has been received we will then issue the applicant with a refund request form and ask that they complete and return to us along with proof of bank details for any approved refund so that we can complete the refund in a timely manner
  1. Supporting documentation – A facility exists to attach the relevant document:

(i) Visa refusal letter.


(ii) In the case of a visa refusal due to incomplete documentation in the application, an official email from the relevant Irish Embassy is required to process the refund. Photos of emails are not acceptable for processing refunds.

  • City Colleges may need to verify the veracity of documentation submitted.
  • Payment of refund – As per ILEP regulations, Section 4: Provider Track Record and Governance, sub-section 12

“In the case of a visa refusal or refusal of entry into Ireland, the fees, less any pre-indicated handling charge, must be returned to the student within 20 working days of the request being communicated to the provider.”

  • Please note the refund process only commences once the college is in receipt of all documentation listed above and verified, if necessary.