I’m sitting the QLTT Solicitors Accounts exam tomorrow, and have been studying with your City Colleges notes.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your brilliant notes and up-to-date recording. They cut out all the noise and make it so easy to follow.

Blaithin – Employment Law
Alan Ashe

This course is exceptionally comprehensive. I work in the Air Corps, Baldonnel as an aircraft maintenance technician and technical instructor. I can easily say that the instruction laid out within this course has certainly increased my knowledge of the aviation industry.

The professionalism from the instructors and the instruction given was highly appreciated, which made the entire learning process quite enjoyable.

Raman Malashchanka

“I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and I will definitely be recommending City Colleges to my peers”

Raman got in touch to let us know that he was successful with the criminal law exam and to extend a thank you to our staff for our help and advice!

Andrew Monaghan

I completed two ACCA courses with City Colleges during 2021 and have already enrolled for my third course (SBR) in 2022.

I was first attracted to the college by the competitive price, which I found cheaper than any of the other ACCA providers in Ireland offering a similar standard of tuition. However the price has not been the only advantage I have experienced as a student here. The quality of the ACCA lecturers is outstanding.

In both courses I completed, the lecturers had a rare talent of making the studying experience both enjoyable and productive. Their resources and extra study notes provided were extremely useful and I have found in both course that the lecturers really do go that extra mile to help the students on their journey.

For these reasons, I would have no problem recommending City Colleges for any of their ACCA courses

Senan Cronin

I thoroughly enjoyed this course; I found the content very enjoyable and the lecturer extremely knowledgeable.

I would have no issue in recommending the course / college to family, friends, or colleagues.

John Hoban

I really loved doing the course, as a complete beginner to graphic design the way Paul taught the course made it easy to understand and learn all the essential elements of graphic design with ease.

If you commit the time and effort to undertake all of the assignments by the end of this course, I was able to produce my own professional logos and I have a broad understanding in the use of the Adobe software used in graphic design.

Alex Shanley, Dublin

I appreciate the straightforward, simplified and accessible way the information is presented in a logical and sequential format to create an understanding of the essential elements of graphic design. For a short-term course, without the more extensive commitment of a full year you might find elsewhere, I found as much value in this course as I have in more traditional programs. Even though it is a basic introductory course, I was excited to undertake these exercises and do it all over again. This class is worth your time, effort and attention.

Philip Noone

My team felt the course was very relevant to what we are executing and prised it highly for the hands-on focus looking at real solutions in the company to our digital marketing strategy. I think they really enjoyed the lecturer’s approach and delivery of the course and are now applying it to our new re-focus on the digital marketing at the company.

I had 3-4 of the team attend another SEO / digital course on two occasions and it wasn’t a patch on this course. Based on that feedback I got, so happy to plug in other team members in the future.

Niall Hughes

City College’s Digital Marketing and Strategy diploma offered an excellent insight into the practical aspects of marketing. The course was extremely comprehensive and covered a broad range of topics that I have been able to apply to my current role, including setting up ad campaigns, using mail out applications such as Mail Chimp as well as devising an overall digital marketing strategy that could apply to specific industries.

Grainne, our lecturer was so helpful throughout and always ensured each topic was fully understood before introducing a new one. She was also on hand to offer specific advice to the industry which each person in the class operated.

The course was overall very informative and really helped me improve my understanding of the subject in a short space of time.

Kellie Meade

As the digital side of marketing is becoming increasingly important, we decided it would be a good idea for our sales and marketing team to get the most up-to-date information and learn the necessary skills to keep one step ahead of competitors.

We had heard of Grainne Farrell and her passion for digital marketing, so decided to go with the course she taught in City Colleges.

We weren’t disappointed. The 10-week course touched on all aspects of social media marketing showed us how to build and update websites, and taught us how to get the most out of the marketing campaigns we run.
We were provided with constant support throughout the length of the course and given helpful, detailed feedback in our final assignment.

Sabrina Keohane

The course is very well designed for people with an interest in legal studies, but no previous experience in the area.