Kate Passmore

I had Mark Curran for Company Law last sitting and now for Equity and Trusts. I cannot recommend him enough, I have found him to be an absolutely outstanding lecturer who makes class extremely engag-ing and gives great exam focus to topics. His lectures are laid out really well and he always uploads the powerpoints before class which is really helpful. I also really like how he will repeat important sen-tences for note taking, I think his main asset is his practical approach to topics and teaching.

Hugh Dunne

Could not recommend John O'Keeffe enough. He is a very funny and friendly individual who makes lectures entertaining and light-hearted. Extremely easy to engage with his lectures and I would even go so far as to say I look forward to them each week! Excellent excellent teacher. Wish I had him for all subjects!

Megan McConkey

Helen is extremely exam focused. I find this very useful and reminds me what I’m therefore. She explains slowly and clearly. She really reiterates what is important and we really should remember. I find that although some people fine Property boring, I think she makes it interesting and easy to listen to because of her lovely nature. She clearly lays out a plan at the beginning of every class and it was clear from the beginning how she would lay out the course.

Magda N

The course to date is very well prepared and managed. The lectures and materials including slides are very good. Online lectures and recordings are also very good - FE1 Property Law

Elizabeth M

The courses can be taken entirely online and can be repeated if needed. I have found the property, equity, company and constitutional lectures and materials to be excellent - FE1 Contract Law

Diandra N

The Contract lecturer is very well prepared. The slides very good. He gives excellent classes, his notes are very good. He discusses the exam questions very well. Great time plan in terms of class lecture and discussing other matters (homework feedback, exam questions, students questions). Excellent lecturer - FE1 Contract Law

Hannah W

Lecture notes are great as they are so detailed. I really love how he includes quotes from academic commentators as finding these myself can be very time consuming. Over all I would give 10/10, Conor seems to give his 100% and its much appreciated. His lectures are all so exam focused. The worksheets on moodle are so helpful and the way he has every previous exam question under each topic on moodle is great - FE1 EU Law

Catherine Feery

I have signed up to other prep schools in the past for this subject and Simon’s communication skills in conveying the material are far superior. No disrespect to anyone else but they lecture as if we are experts on the subject already which obviously is not the case. Simon has it simplified to make it easy to follow and understand without watering it down too much.

E Buckley

The course teaches you exactly what you need to know. The materials are to a standard that you simply will not find in any undergraduate or masters level program. It definitely gives you an edge over other students.

E Malaniff

Ciaran is very engaging and breaks down the course into manageable chunks. Mark Curran distils pertinent information very well and is exam focused

S O’Flynn

The material is confined to that which you need to know for the exam, without leaving anything out, which is crucial in exams like these. It takes the hassle of extracting this information for yourself, so you can focus on learning. In addition, the feedback you get on homework is fantastic and makes a huge impact in the study of the course. Would absolutely recommend Ciarán. Fantastic lecturer with an excellent way of delivering the material. Makes it extremely easy to take in. The best lecturer I've had throughout any study of law I have completed.

S Hannon

The lectures are delivered in a structured and thorough manner. In light of the amount of material to be covered in a short space of time, efficiency in terms of delivery is important and this is achieved. Notes placed on Moodle in advance of lectures is very helpful, and relevant caselaw placed there by topic is of huge assistance.

Gavin Reardon

The Diploma in Journalism course at City Colleges was a fantastic experience. The lecturing team created an encouraging environment where people can once again rediscover their own enthusiasms and energy, or tap into it for the first time as the case may be.
They shared their experiences, opinions, views, values, knowledge in an industry where far too many seek to exclude in order to protect their own positions. It was hugely encouraging to discover someone within the industry with so much decency and appetite to help others, even in a broad sense beyond the course itself. Our tutors were able to reach each of us as individuals, to cater and allow for the different personalities and help get the best from each of us. Creating such an environment of empowering and equipping trust is not easy to achieve.

Lorna Carroll

I very much enjoyed the coursework, chatting with the other participants and, of course, meeting John Grenham. I would certainly recommend City Colleges to family and friends.

Brian Daly

Excellent presentation! Access to the online material is very helpful.

Natalie Milne

John is a superb lecturer!  So knowledgeable.  And the streaming online and recording of the course is a wonderful resource.

Sinead Nolan

John is very knowledgeable, both in his chosen field and in general.  He is very easy to listen to  and understand, and has a very pleasant manner. The whole process has been very easy for me, both to join and to participate in class.  Any contact I have had with the staff, I have found them to be very helpful and pleasant.

Geraldine Whelan

Having researched a number of event management courses, I choose this course as the syllabus was very comprehensive and I had the opportunity to meet the lecturers to discuss how it would meet my requirements.  Both the course and the lecturers were excellent and achieved all my objectives.  The knowledge I obtained from the course has been invaluable in the work I have undertaken within the event management industry.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of developing a career in event management.

John O’Hara, August 2016

If ever a course was appropriate for the times we live in, then City Colleges’ Diploma in Terrorism and International Security studies is that course. The programme provides knowledge, illumination and insight into the field of terrorism as well as the political and security contexts that both influence and are in turn affected by terrorism itself.  The course is delivered by Mr Declan Power, a security consultant and former Irish army military officer. I found both his knowledge of the subject matter and classroom delivery to be excellent. In an era of mass education and multiple course choices it is sometimes hard for educational institutions to staff courses with appropriately qualified lecturers. This is definitely not the case with the Diploma in Terrorism. Both Mr Power and the guest lecturers are well qualified content specialists, both in terms of their knowledge and real world experience. As an added support City College record the lectures so that students can access them if they are not in a position to attend class in Dublin. The other advantage of this use of technology is that the lecture can be seen and experienced again by those students who have attended class. I strongly recommend this course for any person who has an interest in modern political events, international security and other cultures. The course is unique, welcome and relevant for our time.

Edward McCann, April 2017

I would just like to thank-you for your support. You made my enrolment and interaction with City Colleges seamless which made the whole process enjoyable. Also, could you pass onto the IT Dept my thanks. I had to contact the IT Dept twice and this occurred late at night (Australian time) and I received a workable solution within 5-10 min. Their service was excellent! I have benefited from the course and will recommend the college to others. I will certainly consider doing another course with the college in the future.

Padraic O’Boyle, February 2016

Declan has a great ability to hold your attention. I would highly recommend this course.

Seamus Dolan, February 2016

Excellent mix of Irish and international perspectives on terrorism, ideology, religion and all related matter.  Very enjoyable course.  Excellent application of theory and course material to modern events.


 I would really recommend this course and the lecturer Conor Duff.  He involves everyone in class discussion and makes sure that all are understanding the theory.  He makes even technical concepts very understandable.

Joanna Gilfoyle

During my time at City Colleges, I really appreciated their flexibility (I work full time), the standard of the teaching, the interesting course and the people I met. The online tools are of a high standard and allowed me to keep up to date with my course whilst I was working remotely. I would recommend a course with City Colleges to everyone.

Shane Coleman

Excellent course. Very informative and beneficial.

Elizabeth Mary Doyle

It would be hard to improve this course, as it is very well delivered at each lecture.

Shane Costello

John has a very friendly and approachable manner, and a great ability to keep the focus of the class.  Because of my studies with City Colleges, I now have a strong desire to further my education.

Hannah Quinlan

John is a very good teacher, and at getting points across.  He has an obvious interest in the subject, which makes the lesson interesting as he is not just reading  off information.  He is humorous and brings a laid-back atmosphere to the class, making it enjoyable to sit through each week.

Michelle Hourihan

John is engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable.  His enthusiasm for the subject matter is contagious.  He has a huge breadth of knowledge and this enables him to link a wide variety of text, cases and individuals to bolster each of the subjects. John is always punctual and has a mix of text, video and spoken matter readily prepared to impart to the class, ensuring that all learning styles are catered for. I would gladly recommend this course to anyone considering an associated career or anyone who has an interest in criminology and would like an informative and entertaining short course.

Detective Garda Ann-Marie Larkin

I would highly recommend the course to anyone, especially any one in the Gardai like myself.  If you have an interest in Crime/Branch in particular, then this course is definitely for you.  Extremely interesting but also highly relevant for work related purposes in a wide variety of areas in relation to crime investigation. Brilliant to have on your CV.  It was worth every penny.  I travelled from Cavan to Dublin once a week for the course and it was well worth it.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Timara Bucas

I believe that this course should be delivered to every member of An Garda Siochána it is very relevant to modern day policing.”M O’Callaghan“After moving from South Africa to Holland at the age of 43, I decided I wanted to grow my knowledge in the areas that I have always been passionate about. I enrolled with City Colleges to do the Diploma in Criminology & Criminal Psychology online. 
From the very first contact I had, it has only been a pleasure. Sarah was ever so helpful and John incredibly informative with regards to all my questions prior to enrollment.
Paying the very affordable fees and receiving my login details was done efficiently. Studying via correspondence always made me think that it would be impersonal and I wouldn’t get personal attention when and if I had issues. I am thrilled to say that this was not my experience. The class given was prompt, it was professional yet never boring or tedious. John has a vast knowledge of Psychology and Criminology and the way he carried that over to his students (me) was passionate. The attention to detail and the study material supplied was always timeously loaded onto the system and I could access it at my leisure. The lecturer engaged with the class (even though I wasn’t physically there I was able to hear and understand their feedback or comments). He was also an entertaining man, if at all possible with criminology.
I never had an IT issue but if I had questions regarding this the query could be emailed through. Sarah is a star and I hope to be dealing with her again in September.
I have enrolled in my next course and I would encourage anyone who wants to further their education in the comfort of their own home, on whichever continent, to do so and City Colleges is a great institution to do it through.

Kathryn Ruszel

The course provided positive insights into current thinking across a wide range of topics in Counselling. The lectures were stimulating and provided clear explanations on complex issues and their discussions explored current Psychological thinking.  The lecturer was excellent at stimulating debates, organising workshops and encouraged us to analyse problem situations and possible solutions. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this Diploma Course to anyone interested in this field of study.

Noelle Okonji, September 2018

The lectures were a welcome mix of theory, practice and current research. Finian’s knowledge was inspiring. Overall it was a supportive learning environment and experience.


I never took online classes before and was initially skeptical about how this would work. The lecturer has an excellent method of teaching and willing to answer questions related to our every day experiences with ASD kids. He has excellent approach to all students and issues that arise, questions that being asked. I already started implementing everything I had learned from him with a great result, as well as teaching the parents how to approach certain issues with their kids. He is using a lot of technical words, yet he is able to reach all of us explaining the meanings behind it as well as offering every day life examples to each and every terms. I would highly recommend this class to anyone I know, as I already mentioned it to many parents whose kids I teach. Furthermore Dr Lyons gets back to students in a timely manner with all questions asked through email. I am very happy taking this class as he make it easy for me to learn and understand the course.

Joanne Conwa

Keith is very informative and makes the subject very interesting.  He is very approachable.

Adrian Abesamis

Keith is very knowledgeable in this topic and has helped me widen my understanding and knowledge in ABA. The College provides quality training and teaching.

Dermot Heffernan

Keith layers his explanations very well. He breaks down each segment of the lecture in an understandable manner and then pieces it all together in a way that’s easy to follow. I have found his lectures very informative.

Martina O’Rourke

I just completed a Diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis with City Colleges.  I was unable to travel so completed it online.  The course was brilliant. The tutor was very informative and constructive.  It was well timed and well paced with a lot of time given for interaction and participation.  If I had any queries in relation to IT or admin the staff were very forthcoming and helpful.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will endeavour to undertake more in the future. I would highly recommend both the course and the college for any student wishing to further their education.

Marie Galligan

I’ve just completed this course, and I have to say I learned so much from it, it gave me a better understanding of all the jargon I would sometimes hear my home tutor saying, I now find myself talking in the same jargon! If you want a better understanding of ABA this is your course! Keith is even nice enough to break it down into broken English for the parents who are finding it hard to understand. Sad the course is over I truly enjoyed it.

Orla Fitzpatrick

Keith is a great lecturer as he has the hands on experience & examples of situations to back up what we were learning.
I will definitely be recommending City Colleges to anyone who will listen!

David Sutton

Keith’s classes are always free flowing and come across in a style that makes it easy to learn.  He uses real life experience to demonstrate key points.  He is very approachable and encourages active participation in all elements of the classes.  I have enjoyed this course and would recommend it.

Mark Meehan

The Diploma in Digital Marketing for Business course brought me right up to date on best practice in the digital marketing industry. The course is very practical, with each session and exercise expertly tailored towards the goal of applying digital marketing to our own ventures. This real-world applicability has already brought me success. The skills I’ve learned have enabled me to secure an internship providing social media services for a leading international provider of anti-virus software. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to pursue in a career in any field, particularly those seeking to get involved in marketing and social media for businesses.

John Kelly

My name is John Kelly – My company is The H.E.L.P. Group and I highly recommend this course. Having had a disastrous experience with a so-called “expert” who took a sizeable sum of money off me for a website and support in Digital Marketing I decided to empower myself to be able to do my own Digital Marketing and Social Media.  I looked at a few courses and settled on the Digital Marketing course in City Colleges.  At first, I thought I had made a mistake in attempting to learn more about Social Media and my “proposed empowerment” would end up becoming my undoing as there was so much to take in.  I own and run my own business so I have to wear many hats and wondered if I was spreading myself too thin here.  However, I stuck with it and over the weeks started to learn new and fascinating information, met some very nice people and actually enjoyed it both from a learning and social interaction point. I attended most of the classes online with 2 live sessions in Dublin (as I live in West Cork).  I found that the lecturer was very good at communicating and made the subjects interesting. I am now nearing the end of my course – (two weeks to go) and am putting a lot of the information I learned into a Digital Marketing plan for my business.  I am excited about it as I know this is something practical which will grow my business over the coming years. I found the course stimulated my interest in Digital Marketing in particular and also increased my competence as each week went by.  I know that for me, this is just the beginning (the course was a means to an end) of a long and exciting journey as I will continue to grow and learn and as I write, I have a stack of reference material on my desk – material which I actually look forward to going through now. So thank you for piquing my interest and stimulating my knowledge for more.

Nigel Kelly

I really enjoyed the course and the experience. The lectures were informative and interesting and the lecturers very helpful with specific queries that I had.

Sue Straw – September 2018

The Digital Marketing course for Business gave me a great foundation and understanding of the fast moving world of digital marketing. All the relevant subjects were covered. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the tutor was very engaging with a hands on approach to learning.
I would certain recommend the course and college.

Michelle Bolger

Having studied in Trinity, DIT and Griffith I can honestly say that Mr. Foley is a wonderful lecturer and it is so refreshing to have someone teach who appears to genuinely want to share his knowledge.

Tony Coughlan

Tara’s material is well prepared and she is very knowledgeable on the subject matter.  She presents the class in a professional manner while maintaining good approachability.  She is excellent at encouraging class discussion around what is a very interesting subject.

Patrick Noctor

Without City Colleges and your fantastic staff I wouldn't have made it through my FE1's; - especially taking them all at once.

Sinead Nolan

John's delivery of the lectures was both easy to understand and follow. His extensive knowledge makes the course very comprehensive and I feel greatly benefited from taking part.

Michelle Baird, ACCA P1 & P3 with Owen O’Reilly

I would highly recommend your classes, even to people who can’t physically attend them. Your recordings are focused on those at home as well in the class and I really appreciated this.

Catherine Boughton

Shaun is the best lecturer I’ve had so far! Really enjoyed his lectures, he made it interesting, relevant and fun! Technical and confusing questions can be answered so much more easily with the structure learned in class.

Carol Byrne

I find online lectures extremely useful if I am unable to attend class because of work and also as a study aid.

Lisa Kirrane

I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin Corboy for P5. He is very approachable. The class was very exam focused paying attention to exam technique which I believe was the difference in me passing this paper.

Barry O’Reilly

Shaun Browne’s course and exam technique are absolutely second to none. He makes the P7 course, material and questions so easy to understand and a complete joy to be a part of. There’s never a moment that goes by in one of Shaun’s lectures were you aren’t completely engaged and enraptured by his delivery of the P7 content. Highly recommend any student to take up Shaun’s courses as you will be on the right track to a pass.

Emma Coffey

Great lecturers, great facilities and helpful staff.

Kamila Wawrzyniak Conboy

I would definitely recommend City Colleges for ACCA. The exam technique provided allowed me to approach the exam answers effectively and efficiently.

Michelle Cleary

I think by far they have the best lecturers, very exam focused.

Viktorija Balandina

Martin Corboy is the most brilliant lecturer I have ever met.

Jackie Cuthbert

I was delighted with the classroom and online tuition from City Colleges.  The course and lecturer, Mel Kilkenny, helped me enormously in passing the June 2018 ACCA F9 exam.

Damien McCarthy

I have now passed my final exam. I could not recommend the services provided by City Colleges highly enough as well as the special consideration that was put into helping me pass my exams.  The Colleges has definitely gone above and beyond what was expected of a learning provider and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Owen and everyone at City Colleges.

L Goonan

I just wanted to say thanks to you and all at City Colleges for helping me through the exams. It was a daunting task taking on all eight and the help I received from City Colleges was top class. I found the online lectures very good, the manuals were well laid out and easy to follow and it was also great to have the past papers and examiner’s reports provided. The extra notes the lecturers gave on popular topics and the night before notes were a good help to have towards the end for recapping over the material. I will recommend City Colleges to anyone I know thinking of taking a prep course. Thanks very much for all your help and for answering any questions I had so quickly!

R Mackay

Excellent classes either in person or online. As a’ first timer’, and a more ‘mature’ student, I couldn’t recommend Philip Burke and all of his team at City Colleges highly enough.

B Murtagh

I constantly found that there is never anything which is too much to ask of Pamela and Philip; if it will be of assistance to you in passing your exams, it will be a priority for them.

D McKeone

Having passed first time, I am delighted to recommend City Colleges’ King’s Inns entrance exams preparatory programme. All aspects of the course were first class, and the personal attention I received from the lecturers could not, in my opinion, be surpassed. The lecturers are completely fluent with the demands of these exams, and skilfully guided us through the subjects in the most painless way possible.

D Ó Leathlobhair

Doing the course for me was the difference of making it through the King’s Inns entrance exams.  The lectures, handouts and support on and off site were second to none. I would highly recommend that this is the first step to the rest of your professional career.

K Fitzpatrick

I can highly recommend City Colleges for its excellent course for the King’s Inns entrance exams. I was most impressed by the generous offer of all the tutors to review sample exam questions/answers. I got across the line. Keep up the good work!

Alice Maguire-Spencer

I would wholly recommend the Kings Inns prep course at City Colleges. Each of the members of staff were extremely helpful and supportive. The materials provided were well written and up to date. The course was a definite helping hand in my passing of the exams.

L Dempsey

I have dealt with Pamela and Philip in another institution where I found their undeniably student-focused approach both genuine and supportive. In approaching a course and examinations as demanding as the FE1’s, it is very reassuring to know that your success is as important to them, and the lecturers whom they retain, as it is to you.

A Kelly

Trish lectured me in Property law. She transformed what is one of the least popular subjects into an enjoyable, exam-focused course which was understandable and informed. By minimising time spent on less-examinable topics, the course was covered in a relaxed manner which focused on those topics that consistently arise.

Catherine Moran

Mark Cockerill was my FE1 Company law teacher, and I found him to be an excellent, humorous and approachable teacher. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, even at 9am on a Saturday morning, so it came as no surprise to me to learn that he had won first place in the Company law exam in the FE1s.

Bryan Murtagh

I attended Brendan Foley’s lectures in Constitutional law and found him to be one of the best lecturers I’ve ever come across. His lectures are engaging, interactive, extremely well informed and enjoyable. He demystified what is one of the most difficult subjects into one of the most enjoyable and accessible,, and his understanding of the subject and the exams means any questions are answered clearly and simply – dispensing with the usual ‘unnecessarily academic’ answers in favour of simple, correct, exam focused, practical solutions.

Angel Strickland Fahy

It was my pleasure and privilege to have studied Equity under Philip Burke. His clear, concise lecture manner, excellent notes and affability contributed enormously to my pass mark in the FE1 subject. He was always completely approachable, generous with his time and inexhaustibly good humoured, all of which assisted enormously with getting through the exam. I would recommend anyone who is serious about passing the Equity FE1 first time round to enrol with Philip.

Emma Kelly

Brendan Foley is great when it comes to possibly the most boring subject on the planet, yet I can still listen to him – EU Law. I know some of my fellow students who physically attend class also feel the same way. He also is very accessible and helpful, via phone/email. On my first day back after a significant stint away from FE1s he made everything seem possible.

Carina Davidson

Having completed my FE1s with City Colleges, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering the preparatory course. A genuine desire to help students pass their exams was combined with an in-depth knowledge of their subjects and a willingness to go the extra mile for each student.

Carrie McMeel

Brendan is very approachable, he really knows the material. Makes it easy to understand and is a likeable person so therefore makes you want to learn.

Ekaette Olusoji

I am learning more in this lecture than I would if I studied on my own. The step by step approach in addition to every example is clear to the point which has stimulated my increased interest in the course.

Ciara Cloake

I would not hesitate to recommend City Colleges for FE-1 preparation.  I had attended another course and was really struggling with my final FE1 subject, Equity.  Taking Philip Burke’s Equity class changed all that – he was clear and concise and his approach to the course suddenly made it click for me.  Needless to say after one term with Philip I passed the exam.  The homework correction service and personal attention made all the difference.  If you want to pass the exams first time out go to City College.

Pavel Abramov

I never had a more approachable and knowledgeable lecturer. I hated Equity & Trusts until June this year.

Joanne Simpson

Good course! I wouldn’t have gotten through the exams without it.

Chris Cremin

I just want to say thank you for all the help and advice in the lead up to the exams.  Subject matter aside, out of all the years I’ve spent as a student in direct and indirect education, undergrad/post-grad etc, I have never encountered two lecturers who made themselves as available for help, advice and assistance with course material and exam preparation as both of you did. It was greatly appreciated and in the context of other FE-1 preparation colleges, far superior to anything else I have encountered.

Danieka McNamara

Lectures are approachable and easy to contact. They correct work and you receive feedback promptly

Patrick Noctor

Without City Colleges and your fantastic teaching staff I would not have made it through my FE1s; especially taking them all at once.

Alexandra Stokes

Ciaran is a brilliant lecturer, his enthusiasm for the subject makes Tort memorable. He is generous with his time outside the timetable giving students the opportunity to approach him with a difficult topic in order to get a better grip on it. Lastly, his homework corrections offer a useful feedback and encouragement! I would recommend him to everyone sitting Tort.

Ruth McGrath

Mark is very thorough, explains very well, enthusiastic and deeply knowledgeable about Company law, excellent communications, passionate and motivating.

Brian Allen

Brendan Foley knows the material very well, and breaks things down so that the topics are easier to approach and study.

Rachel Carroll

I would like to say that I was at the first lecture for Equity on Tuesday and finally feel as if I am capable of sitting and passing these exams. Even after two hours, I knew my money was well spent!

Sarah Plunkett

I really enjoyed this course, and Philip has the ability to make the content more accessible and digestible!

David Dolan

Brendan Foley genuinely cares for each and every student.  He is very approachable, even if it’s just to see if I am on the right track.  He is always positive, always giving good feedback.

David Murphy

I wanted to say thanks to Philip Burke for the work put into the FE-1 prep courses both as the Equity lecturer and the head of the school. It really was a University standard of teaching and course preparation and I absolutely feel it was value for money. I’m delighted to say I’ve passed my first 4 comfortably, which despite the work I put in and the level of support from City Colleges was not something I was expecting because I lacked any previous legal study or experience.

Lorraine Hearne

Just a quick thank you to all at City Colleges. I passed the last remaining FE-1 exams at the March sitting. Success this time round was due in no small part to Brendan, Ciarán and all the staff at City Colleges. I will recommend the preparation course to those who wish to undertake the exams in future.

Kate Liddy-Cormican

I just wanted to thank you and the entire staff at City Colleges. There is no denying the quality and dedication of each of the lecturers. I will definitely be recommending your course to others.

Caoimhe Hanley

I have now passed all 8 of my FE1s. I am so grateful to all of you at City Colleges for your help through this period – I will be recommending your course to anyone I know who is due to sit these exams.

Eibhlin NiDhochartaigh

Fair play to Patricia, her predictions for the Property exam came through. She is an excellent lecturer, very enjoyable to listen to. She made the subject easy to learn.

Jasmin H

I am very thankful to all the lecturers at City Colleges who have helped me pass the FE1 exams and I would definitely recommend the preparatory course to anyone thinking of sitting these exams. The lecturers are absolutely brilliant, extremely approachable and enthusiastic in delivering their classes. I found that the structure of the course, the notes and the lecturers at City Colleges all made the FE1s less overwhelming and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thanks again City Colleges!

Rose Keating

I studied all FE1s with the help of the lecturers at City Colleges and really enjoyed my studies. The lecturers were outstanding and helped in every way they could. I was so shocked and pleased with my results. I can now move on to the next chapter in my life and I am really looking forward to it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone doing the FE1s. This course really prepares you and helps you to find the best approach that will be of a benefit to you in the exams.

Fiona K

I just passed my final two FE1 exams, thanks to the fantastic lecturers at City Colleges. Ellen and Brendan make EU law very methodical to ensure students are prepared for all potential questions and fill lectures with plenty of additional information to ensure impressive answers. Mark Curran is an excellent Equity lecturer, he ensures that all students fully grasp concepts before moving on to new topics and is very approachable and helpful if anyone has questions. I cannot recommend City Colleges enough.

Joanne Howell

I registered for the 8 subjects and sat the FE1 exams in two sittings. I passed 5 out of 5 in October, and have now passed the other three exams. I would like to thank you and City Colleges sincerely, as I found the lectures, notes and lecturers to be amazing. The books and guidance given certainly got me through everything. Thank you so much.

Kevin Flood

My experience with City Colleges was overwhelmingly positive. The lecturers all excel at imparting knowledge in a presentable way and the materials are clear but also concise. Feedback is constructive and delivered as soon as possible. I would have no problem recommending City Colleges; they took some of the pressure off when the exams came around.