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My name is John Kelly – My company is The H.E.L.P. Group and I highly recommend this course. Having had a disastrous experience with a so-called “expert” who took a sizeable sum of money off me for a website and support in Digital Marketing I decided to empower myself to be able to do my own Digital Marketing and Social Media.  I looked at a few courses and settled on the Digital Marketing course in City Colleges.  At first, I thought I had made a mistake in attempting to learn more about Social Media and my “proposed empowerment” would end up becoming my undoing as there was so much to take in.  I own and run my own business so I have to wear many hats and wondered if I was spreading myself too thin here.  However, I stuck with it and over the weeks started to learn new and fascinating information, met some very nice people and actually enjoyed it both from a learning and social interaction point. I attended most of the classes online with 2 live sessions in Dublin (as I live in West Cork).  I found that the lecturer was very good at communicating and made the subjects interesting. I am now nearing the end of my course – (two weeks to go) and am putting a lot of the information I learned into a Digital Marketing plan for my business.  I am excited about it as I know this is something practical which will grow my business over the coming years. I found the course stimulated my interest in Digital Marketing in particular and also increased my competence as each week went by.  I know that for me, this is just the beginning (the course was a means to an end) of a long and exciting journey as I will continue to grow and learn and as I write, I have a stack of reference material on my desk – material which I actually look forward to going through now. So thank you for piquing my interest and stimulating my knowledge for more.