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It’s that time again when you start to plan your college for your ACCA studies.  When you are selecting your college ask yourself three questions:

1. Does the college offer flexibility of learning? 

At City Colleges we specialise in making our classes as flexible as possible.  Some of our students have to work away from home or have family issues to attend to so they may miss their live classes.  As such all of our live classes are recorded so you won’t ever miss a class.  There is also flexibility over homework and mock exam marking if you are going to miss the deadline set by your tutor…we appreciate life has a habit of getting in the way!

2. Does the college have a support team that genuinely cares? 

At City Colleges we pride ourselves on caring and supporting our students.  If you miss a class or need help with a particular area of the syllabus, your tutor will be happy to support and guide you.  Working with your tutor(s) is extremely important to ensure you are on track to pass your ACCA examinations. In addition, our admin team will ensure you are enrolled as seamless as possible and answer any queries you may have.  We all work together at City Colleges to give you the best possible experience!

 3. Does the college offer value for money? 

At City Colleges our courses are priced to help you manage your budget.  We appreciate not all students are sponsored by their employers and managing course fees with so many demands on your salary is tough.  That’s why we set our prices to ensure we offer you excellent value for money, whilst employing top tutors and giving you a study package of support that we believe is the best available.  Our sponsored students are equally happy because your employers also obtain value for money with the comfort of knowing that you are supported by a caring college.

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